Minneapolis Chapter Awarded MEF Grant for January Event

Our board of directors is excited to present a national key note speaker at our January event - Jerome Mayne. Key note speakers are typically very expensive and our chapter did not have the funds to hire him on our own, so the board applied for a grant from IMA Global back in August. IMA Global awards the MEF (Memorial Education Fund) Grant to chapters on an annual basis who apply for funds in order to help educate our members and students. IMA Global awarded our chapter the grant for this specific purpose. The past two of three years we had the opportunity to present to you the Theater of Public Policy and their improv comedy skits on business ethics. We had such great feedback from our members for this type of event that we sought out other humorous presentations on ethics. Jerome Mayne is not only a key note speaker but also a comedian and has personally experienced the red flags - the sinking feeling in your gut when you are asked to do something in the office you aren't sure is quite right - and will tell us about how this happened to him and what it was like in prison. Two ethics credits are required each calendar year for those of you who are CMAs. Where else can you get an amazing dinner, inspiring education, entertainment, and fun accountants to network with for only $30? Please feel free to invite a coworker, friend or student as your guest(s) to this event. We are confident this event will be nothing less than educational and funny. Fraud and ethics are serious topics, but why not learn about them in a fun way?

Congratulations to our new CMAs! Jacob Lim, CMA – 8/12/16 Ryan Halliday, CMA, – 8/26/16 Long Nguyen, CMA, CPA - 9/15/16 Tanya Oetken, CMA - 10/28/16 Brandon Stewart, CMA - 12/12/16 Matthew Harry, CMA - 12/22/16 New CMAs receive one complimentary chapter event registration. Contact Trent Kramer, VP of Membership for your promo code.

Welcome New Minneapolis IMA Chapter Members! Between August 1 and December 26 the Minneapolis IMA Chapter has gained 29 new members. We hope that you will attend one of our dinner events where you can obtain new knowledge about a professional business topic and network with other members. We are also looking for event volunteers if you want to get involved.


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