“It really would be nice to have someone else in the office be able to do task x”. “I really wish someone could teach me how to …?” “How do I do …?” “I wish I could pass this “knowledge” on to someone”.

Have you heard or witnessed something like this? Maybe you are the one who has said things like that. It is amazing in this era that we still seem to be “stuck” for answers. In March 2016 the Minneapolis IMA Chapter introduced the idea of a Mentorship program. Since then Global IMA has also made a big push towards a mentoring program.

As a Board, we really believe in the idea of passing on knowledge. With the monthly meetings, along with other programs like the BizTown program in May for youth, we want to extend the offer again to become a “mentoring” chapter.

If you have something you need assistance with, or maybe you have information you are willing to share, please reach out to any of the board members (email addresses are found on our website).

We wish you a great 2017.

#VicePresident #Mentorship

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