What is the Annual Chapter Competition?

...and more importantly, why should you care?

Each year IMA Global holds a chapter competition. Yes, they pit us chapters against each other - scratching, biting, kicking and punching our way to the top (professionally of course!) in the hopes of winning an award. This friendly chapter competition is designed to encourage each chapter to do what they should be doing anyway - providing professional education, certification and networking opportunities for its members. Active chapters like ours provide more than 10 hours of CPE credit over the course of the competition year. We have a plant tour and provide a community service activity. Each time one of our members participates in an IMA sponsored CPE event or webinar we get points. Global's marketing push for awareness of the CMA certification is helping us out too. New members will join for the opportunity to get certified and further their career goals. We want everyone to know that CMA certification is valued in the marketplace. We get points for new members, CMA exam parts passed and certifications. The more we learn, the more our careers grow and the more points we get. The professional education benefits you and your career, and the points benefit our chapter. It's a win-win! So whether you knew this or not, you are all an active part of this competition. We can't do it without you. Thank you for being a member of our award winning Minneapolis Chapter!

At the time of this posting, the Minneapolis Chapter is in 10th place. The competition ends April 30th.

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